Firstly what is Google Authorship?

The Google Authorship is a program that allows an author to associate their content or any products with his or her Google Plus profile. By doing so, an author can create a connection between the content that was published on a particular domain name and a G+ account.


Link your content

You can link your Google+ profile to the content that you create by using this page:

Visit Google Authorship


And why you should

Many of us have seen the Google search results with author photos and details of Google plus, these are the people that have linked their Google+ profile to their own website. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own picture/logo to appear when people search for a product you provide. It creatives a level of credibility within your field and demonstrates your authority to prospective clients and customers. This will lead to you showing in the top results after a Google Search.

For many years, we focused more on optimizing websites with keywords, and advanced methods of SEO. Now faced with Panda and Penguin guidelines, many are in search of rejuvenating their site with valuable content  to get Author information in search results. Once its done it can then be checked in the Google webmaster’s rich snippet tool. After verifying the authorship with the Google you need to share your content on Google plus and other social networks.

Now Google has also dropped Google places and focusing on Google+ Profiles and Google+ Pages for business so it is inevitable that Author ranks will have a predominant effect on a localised search results. For example: A local restaurant owner who has an updated Google plus page and profile who also maintains a blog on cooking or food should show as the top result about being knowledgeable about food in the local area, but more importantly the link to his website/blog will be the top result.


Google Rich Snippet tool
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By Gareth Davies