Have your website create a nice homepage bookmark for all the Idevices, Whether or not you own an iPhone/Ipad, it takes under five minutes to do and makes your site look that much more professional!


First create a png image 114px by 114px like our one:

Download Icon

Make sure you name your file apple-touch-icon.png (or for a non-glossy icon name it apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png) and drop it in the root of your website, the iPhone does the rest.

Just visit your website

IOS manager

Click the add to home screen button

photo add to home
add to home

Now your website looks like a regular app for you or your visitors

social shebang
social shebang

If you would like to take it a step further you could use the  Mobile Bookmark Bubble is a JavaScript library that adds a promo bubble to the bottom of your mobile web application, inviting users to bookmark the app to their devices home screen. The library uses HTML5 local storage to track whether the promo has been displayed already, to avoid constantly nagging users.

By Gareth Davies