Every enterprise that uses computers in its office needs a good, solid and structured system where large amounts of data can be stored safely, organised properly and is readily accessible when required. This is why it’s imperative that businesses find competent and professional database developers to create systems to store important information regarding business operations such as sales transactions, product catalogues, customer profiles, etc

One of the advantages Inferno has over our competitors is our team of experienced and talented database developers. Using our vast knowledge and experience our database developers are able to create efficient and cost-effective systems to better store and manage an enterprises’ information.

Aside from adeptness in computer languages, our database developers also possess the ability to properly explain the functions of the system to its users to limit confusion over use in the future. Our developers can configure any database to make it user-friendly as well as secure, so that only authorized individuals can access the information in order to prevent unwanted intrusions and possible data loss and damage.

Our Database Expertise Includes:

  • Databases – MSSQL, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, SYBASE.
  • Database Optimization – Speed and Performance
  • Full-Text Searching & Indexing – Data mining, Reports, Usability
  • Query Caching – Performance Tuning, Query Execution Plan Tuning
  • Reporting & Graphing – Executive Dashboards, Marketing Research, Sales Reports
  • Stored Procedures/Prepared Statements/Views
  • Transaction Processing