Not being found for your Keywords ? we can help

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We aim to provide the highest quality and most flexible SEO services available anywhere. Please don’t confuse SEO and web site marketing as so many so called search optimisation companies do, this is a process of taking your website to pieces and putting it back together optimised to Google standards, although SEO goes hand in hand with marketing SEO should be carried prior to spending money on a marketing campaign doing this will save you money and loosing rankings in the long run.

  • Search Engine OptimisationShow up in relevant keyword search engine results
  • Drive high quality traffic to your website
  • Significantly boost your on-line sales potential
  • Generate high return on investment (ROI)
  • Optimised Website’s run faster
  • Save money on Pay Per Click (PPC) generated traffic

SEO marketing has boomed in recent years, due entirely to the dominant role that internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing now play in our day to day lives. The fates of many modern businesses lie largely in the hands of the major search engines, and there’s no avoiding the simple fact that in order to succeed on-line, your website needs to stay on top. Cumbria I.T Search Engine Optimisation puts you there.

Our core SEO services:

  • Website and Keyword Analysis
  • Website programming structure (we go through the whole website making the base code web spider friendly and fixing code errors)
  • White Hat Search Engine Web Site Optimisation
  • Search Engine Top-Ranking Entrance Pages
  • Web Site Traffic Monitoring, Listen to your visitors
  • W3C HTML validation and Optimisation of title tags, meta tags, alt tags and header tags (H1, H2 etc)
  • LTaS Long Tail Keywords
  • SEO Copy writing and Content
  • Textual Content Optimisation
  • Sitemap generation and submission of sitemap to Google
  • Link Building to relevant companies suppliers, clients not using link farming websites !
  • Talk through the options of social network websites integration with the likes of Twitter or Facebook. This process is more in the realms of web site marketing but it’s an important factor to consider when we are re-coding your website

In simple terms, SEO involves adjusting and refining key aspects of a website in order to make it more easily found by the major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It also entails seeking out high quality, relevant external sources from which to establish inbound links to the website. The positive results of good SEO are often dramatic and can generate significantly higher levels of relevant traffic to a website.

Organic search engine listingWhat makes SEO so important?

Organic search engine listings can’t be bought, so for a website to feature high in organic rankings it has to be finely tuned to ensure it’s as visible as possible to the search engines. Search Engine Optimisation offers your online business the opportunity to compete equally with all other businesses in your sector, be they big or small.  A well optimised website that ranks high in natural search engine results has vastly superior prospects of drawing in relevant traffic than similar but less well optimised sites which rank lower down or appear on later results pages.

To illustrate the point about why organic search engine positioning is so important, consider the user behaviour of the search engine which has over 80% of the global market share – Google:

Over 40% of Google users look no further than the first page when browsing search results

75% of Google users prefer and unless know the sponsored listing name trust the organic listings to the sponsored links on the search results pages

These simple yet striking statistics clearly demonstrate how essential it is for businesses to use SEO techniques to get near the top of the first page of Google’s natural search listings.


How do we do this?

Keyword Finding:

Inferno Studios will first talk with you about you’re products/ services and from this look through the website to see potential keywords so that a targeted keyword marketing program can work later on.

Tidy Up:

We go through every page of the website/store and move messy code to its own files allowing the search bots to get the information they and we want them to.


Next we look at the size of the images on your site (this improves loading time) and make sure that they all contain alternate information (right click on an image in your website and press properties does it say Alternate text: missing?

Internal Linking Structure:

Ok we know the keywords but does the site contain information relevant to these words? If so can we link from one page to another? Relevant internal linking content helps Google understand what your website is all about and ranks it accordingly.

Creating a sitemap:

Building a flow chart of your websites structure so the search bots and customers can find what they want in an instant.

Long Tail Keywords

Putting together the keywords into searchable linkable structured content


Now we add your website and sitemap to all the major search engines, over the following months we can monitor and adjust the keyword/content to keep the website gaining in rankings.

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Customer Note Please Read:

Please note to perform search engine optimisation on your website we will require access to the website files, if your current hosting doesn’t provide statistical logging tools we may also need to install website software so that we can monitor and track keywords landing pages etc. So please check with your current hosting company that this will be possible.  All deposits for SEO work are non-refundable as the initial work is a very time consuming investigative process for Keywords and Destinies.