social mediaSocial Media Management (SMM) includes but is not limited to:

  • Blog creation and posting
  • Content creation and interaction on additional platforms
  • Facebook management
  • Twitter management
  • Profile creation and maintenance on additional social networks
  • Social bookmarking on high PageRank sites
  • Press release creation and / or distribution
  • Video creation and promotion
  • Brand visibility and reputation management across platforms
  • Monitoring search results for client’s search terms (keywords)

Social media management is offered either on a month to month basis or on 6 or 12 month contracts. A set-up fee applies to new clients, as the processes of account creation and population take a significant amount of time. People generally share their positive & negative experiences on such platforms therefore, for a business it becomes essential to build a reliable presence over the internet. In order to achieve the purpose, social media strategies can help a lot. Our Social Media Marketing services serve you the same.

Packages are determined by the amount of content creation and the number of ACTIONS included per month. An action generally either consists of new content being posted, or a link being created that points either to the client’s site or client content on another site.

We guarantee a total number of actions and amount of new content creation per month, and make each week’s work available to our client in a regularly updated spreadsheet so they can see what content has been created (and where it is posted) as well as what link building is taking place and which social interactions are being carried out.

This transparent method of reporting allows us the flexibility to push hardest on whatever method of promotion is working on that specific day, lets our clients see work being completed daily, and gives the best possible results for each campaign.

Contact us if you would like us to customize a campaign specifically for your company.