While setting up our new blog and fan page and what would seem a million other social networks we decided to add some of our Facebook apps as page tabs to our fan page , they are all free to use and we hope in some way helpful for you to use.

Just Visit our fan page
Social Shebang fanpage apps
Social Shebang fan page apps

And choose one of our new Tab Apps:

Photo Backup is a Facebook backup tool, which you can use to back up all of your Facebook photo albums, either a single album or all of them or you could just download every photo you have ever been tagged in.

Facebook Photo Backup
Photo Backup


Or our Tag everyone Facebook application allows you  to instantly tag a picture with a random selection of friends. This proves to be a very good tool for viral marketing as all the tagged friends gets notification as well as information about the tagged picture. Propagation of all the information about your product can be easily done by Smart Tag, quickly and effortlessly, without manually picking up your friends one by one. Smart Tag provides the facility to randomly pick selected number of your friends from your friend’s list and tag the specified picture. Please note some people do not liked to be randomly tagged !

Tag everyone
Tag everyone

By Gareth Davies