Inferno Studios is a professional design company that develops websites that look great, function well, and are poised for traffic. We work as consultants, providing advice, feedback, and ideas to deliver the perfect website to your business. Rather than boxing you into one specific website solution, our team takes on a custom web design project by determining what your goals are. Web design is much more than just slapping some words and pictures together and posting them on-line. Designing the ultimate web site involves conceptualization, planning, producing, post-production, research and advertising.

At Inferno Studios we know that #web design involves a lot of work – and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

We build great websites



So what do you get?

  • 1 domain name free for the first year £5.99 per year thereafter
  • Free website hosting for the first year £60 per year thereafter
  • Up to 100 email addresses eg: this includes webmail pop3 and imap (when hosted by Inferno)
  • Smarter Statistics SEO tools (when hosted by Inferno)
  • Custom designed website including contact pages, galleries, and social integration
  • Choose a new logo from a selection of 3 custom logos designed expressly for your business
  • Demonstration of how to use your new site, modify key elements, and add new pages
  • Google site maps
  • Submission to all the major search engines


mobile web design



Mobile Web Design & Development

With more and more people turning to #iphones, #ipads, and other #mobile devices, you have to make sure you are working with a #design company that understands mobile web design. Our mobile web design services range from simply making sure your website is “mobile-friendly” to full-scale mobile website development. The difference between the two depends on the number of iterations of the website we design. Most websites will suffice with just being mobile friendly. Inferno utilizes javascript and other non-flash based technologies to ensure your website is fully operable from all mobile browsers.

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[one_half_last]Search Engine Optimization

Having a website people can actually find is crucial to the success of all businesses and organizations. At Inferno we optimize every website we develop by taking care of all the Search Engine Optimization #SEO related coding up front. We handle your website’s title tags, description tags, keywords, alt-tags, sitemaps, robots files, headings, and more. We also manually submit your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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An online shop, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, web shop, online store, virtual store or online catalogue- however you call it, can be the most important tool your business will ever need!

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[one_half_last]Website Rejuvenation

A website is more than a company’s pretty face on the Internet. It has to contain all valuable company information and news, comprehensive product information, interesting content, contact details, and all these while ensuring that you give a positive impression to your potential customers.

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Social Web design

Social Web Design is simply ensuring that your website is integrated with your social media and has market objectiveness with its mobile technology.

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[one_half_last]Fanpage & App creation

Facebook applications offer new and innovative ways to touch base with your existing and potential customers indirectly.

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