We work hard to turn your ideas to full blown web applications with our web development process

We are passionate about web technologies and constantly keep an eye out for new technologies that make us more efficient. We favour open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL on Linux. We extensively use Zend Framework, ExtJS, jQuery and AJAX. With certain projects with high load we have also successfully increased throughput with the Cloud computing, Node.js and HTML5. We are an independent studio so we are happy to customise any product that you recommend. All our clients have very different requirements and we try to be as flexible as possible to offer the most suitable solution.

Our development process:

  • Discovery : Understanding your website goals and audience.
  • Planning : Establishing time lines.
  • Content Architecture : Planning your website content and structure.
  • Design : Creating and refining interface and graphic design elements.
  • Database Planning and Designing : Planning your website database and implementing designing of database.
  • XHTML Conversion : After the design aproval from the client coding process starts.
  • Development and Programming : Developing Dynamic Web Pages and other needed dynamic stuff. Bringing it all together.
  • Testing : Testing your web site in multiple browser environments.
  • Scheduled Launch : Your web site or application goes live on schedule.
  • Check Back: 1/3 Month check in we find helps expand or change any bits


Mobile App Development

We provide Mobile Application Development platform including Symbian, Windows, J2ME, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Application Development. We can design and build Mobile Applications and Website development for different Mobile Platforms.!

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Augmented Reality

We offer consultation, modelling, coding, deployment and development of AR experiences. And have also now started working with the Google Glasses developer kit

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[one_third_last]Pen Testing

A penetration test (also known as pen testing, ethical hacking, security consulting, security testing or IT Health Check) simulates hacking attempts on networks, websites and applications, in order to identify security vulnerabilities that a real hacker could exploit.

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Database Development

We will examine your existing database structure or evaluate your database requirements to design an appropriate database structure for your needs.

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