In the spring this year Twitter released a very handy new feature called Web intents , When you have a Tweet button on your site, you’re already using the Web Intents API so you can skip adding more code to your site you should just be able to add Intent through the content using the examples below:

To do the Intent message use the following code and replace the “Your%20message%20here” please fill spaces with %20 or the full message will not show.

  1. <a href="">tweet this</a>

In reply Intent just replace the related to name and “” with the long number at the end of your tweet you wish to have replies to.

If you dont currently have any twitter api’s running in your website just add this to the sites head:

  1. <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

There are loads of other options from adding #’s to related posts View them all at Twitter Developer